Strategies for Peaceful Coexistence

We live in world that tends to focus our attention on conflict. And yet there are tried and true practical wisdoms for fostering peaceful ways of being in the world. These wisdoms increase the ability to be skillful in leveraging diversity—seeing it as a resources rather than a challenge. We each have a choice. Are we a source of calm or chaos? If we’re frazzled, we spread the frazzle. If we remain centered, we send out a ripple of calm to those around us. There is practical wisdom that says, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure’. These practical tools work as both preventive medicine as well as medicine for conflicted situations.

In session one, you will:
  • Learn and practice tools for creating peaceful relationships with others – tools for preventing conflict in the first place and for resolving it when it arises
  • Explore ways to apply the tools
  • Create a personal action plan for applying your new skills within your current situation
In session two, you will:
  • Learn from others and your own experience in applying the tools
  • Explore what works and doesn’t work in using the tools
  • Create a personal action plan for continuing to gain mastery with the tools
This is a CEU Accredited class. Professional Counselors, Chaplains, and Social Workers earn 3 hours of continuing education.

Stephanie Nestlerode

Sept 21, 28 (Th)
7-8:30pm (with 6:30pm reception on the 21st)
$65 (Pre-registration required)
Stephanie Nestlerode is a social worker by training and a strategic planner by trade. In her words, “the future we create is the legacy we leave the world’s children.“ She has over 40 years of experience coaching individuals, community coalitions and organizations through change. Her clients have ranged from Boeing and the Environmental Protection Agency to the City of Austin and LifeWorks. Her specialty is providing learning opportunities that inspire, guide, and cultivate skills. Her clients learn how to generate the energy, ownership, and structure required for strategic thinking and successful implementation – creating efficient and effective systems for serving the common good.


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