“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” —C. G. Jung
Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, in conjunction with the Quantum Physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, articulated a theory of an acausal connecting principle, they called Synchronicity. This is the meaningful coincidence. This lecture will attempt to communicate, using contemporary Quantum Physics, a possible explanation of synchronicity. Further, many practical examples from case material will be presented to illustrate this natural and common human experience.
This is a CEU Accredited class. Professional Counselors, Chaplains, and Social Workers earn 1.5 hours of continuing education.
J. Pittman McGehee, D.D.
Mar 8 (W)
$40 (Pre-registration required)

J. Pittman McGehee, DD is an Episcopal priest and Jungian analyst in private practice in Austin, TX. He served as the dean of Christ Church Cathedral for eleven years, during which time the Cathedral became a beacon of spiritual insight and compassionate action in the Houston Community. Beloved for his warmth, humor, and keen attunement to the deeper psychological currents moving through contemporary American life, Pittman is widely known as a lecturer and educator who has influenced countless students, clinicians, clergy, and scholars through his teaching at the University of Houston, Saybrook University, Seminary of the Southwest, and the University of Texas. Pittman is also a widely published poet and essayist and is the author of The Invisible Church: Finding Spirituality Where You Are, Raising Lazarus: The Science of Healing the Soul, Words Made Flesh, and The Paradox of Love.


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