The Basics of Using Genomics for Health and Wellness

You may or may not have heard about how genetic information can be used as a guide to improve and maintain your health. Likely you’ve heard of the BRCA gene or newborn testing for inborn errors of metabolism. But each day there are new advances that have come out of the Human Genome Project that directly enlighten us as to how our bodies respond to certain medications, foods, toxins and more. Our genetics are just part of our story. They are not our destiny but we can use the information as a tool to help guide our health. We must be careful to put genetics in the context of our whole health story. When taken incontext, this information can be very helpful! Data and research are emerging every day in this exciting new field. Knowledge is still limited but what we know so far can provide great clues to unlocking our health.

Come learn more. Dr Julie Reardon returns to Seton Cove in her quest to improve our health and educate us about integrative medicine.
Julie Reardon, MD
Sept 11 (W)
$50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)

Dr. Julie Reardon
 believes in a completely integrative model in medicine. Her model is inclusive of practices designed to support health in mind, body, and spirit. After receiving a Magna Cum Laude degree in Psychology from Harvard University, she completed her medical training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, having completed a two-year program of intense study under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Reardon is also a proponent of functional medicine, which addresses the underlying causes of disease. In addition to including the latest evidence-based treatments in her practice, Dr. Reardon has turned to traditional medicine and the ages-old wisdom found in other cultures to offer her patients additional support.


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