The Practice of Contemplative Leadership 2020: ProSocial: Moving from Competition to Collaboration

The Practice of Contemplative Leadership is a series of four retreats held over a year’s time, designed to renew the spirit and inspire the leadership of innovative leaders who wish to use their leadership to transform themselves, their organizations and our culture from ego-centric competition to eco-centric cooperation and collaboration. This work brings together the spiritual teachings of the world’s major wisdom traditions with the cutting-edge science of evolutionary biology and neuroscience. A contemplative leader is one who, through practice, learns to see with ego-less clarity.

All retreats are held in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Patricia Speier, DMin
Feb 6, May 7, Aug 6, Nov 5, (Th) 9am-4pm 
Location: Texas Hill Country
$775 (Includes light breakfast and lunch. Pre-registration required. Refunds not available for retreats and off-site programs.)


$775.00 Everyone


No sessions open at this time.