In this workshop, you will discover the specific tools of mind-body stress reduction, simple nutrition, fostering connection with community, and easy physical movements to eliminate toxins from your body and allow spirit to flourish within. These practices will improve your energy and allow you to move through your life with grace and vibrant health. Some of the question to be covered by Dr. Shelly Sethi include: What are the surprising effects of stress on your spiritual well being? How can self-care bring about spiritual and emotional transformation? How does your spiritual wellness impact your health, and conversely, how does can your health impact your spirituality? And in what ways does modern science support and elucidate this relationship? Discover practical tips you can use to take control of your health, feel better, nourish your spirit and reduce stress and suffering.
Shelly Sethi, DO
May 25 (W)
6–7:30 pm
$35 (Pre-registration is required.)
Dr. Shelly Sethi is a board certified integrative family physician in private practice in Austin. She believes in the whole mind-body-spirit approach to nourish our bodies and health. She has received training through a fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr. Weil and Dr. Low Dog and has studied yoga and many forms of meditation and stress reduction for over twenty years. She has a special interest in wellness through natural means and works with her clients to help them feel empowered to take control of their health through the understanding that lifestyle choices affect our well-being. She has been practicing wellness medicine for fifteen years.


$35.00 Everyone
$31.50 Seton Associates


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