"The more I sat with each of these vows, the more they resonated with deep needs inside of me that I wasn’t even aware I had." - Maia Duerr

Do you find days going by where you feel disconnected from what matters most? Where you fear you are not living from your deepest values or purpose?  In this 2-part workshop, you will write your own personal vows - a set of clear instructions from your soul on what’s most important and what direction to steer your life.  This is a time-honored spiritual tradition with a modern twist. Rather than the solemn vows of yore, these are living, inspiring intentions for living your best life.  You will be guided in a process to tap into your deepest wisdom and write your own vows. This will include guided visualization, writing prompts, meditation, and reading a variety of personal, soul and creativity vows.  These deeply personal touchstones can become the daily roadmap to richer, more creative and fully aligned lives.

Carolyn Scarborough
Dec 4, 11 (F) 10-11:30am
(Pre-registration required.)

Carolyn Scarborough is a professional coach, author and mentor who clears the path back to your creative core and what matters most. Through deep, intuitive listening, she dissolves blocks and reconnects people to their authentic voice and purpose. She has practiced mindfulness and how it connects with presence and creativity for more than 25 years. She is the author of "Backyard Pearls: Cultivating Wisdom and Joy in Everyday Life," and leads writing and women’s retreats as well as private coaching focused on finding your way home and expressing from there.


$70.00 Everyone
$63.00 Seton Associates


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