In this evening workshop, we will explore personal mythology and the power of story to enliven and inform our spiritual and creative lives, as well as the healing power of personal narrative in the journey to wholeness.
As Feinstein and Krippner (1997) describe in the introduction to The Mythic Path, "Your personal mythology is the loom on which you weave the raw materials of your daily experience into a coherent story... To discover and begin to transform your mythology is one of the most empowering choices open to you. A renewed mythology calls up fresh perceptions, values, and a revitalized sense of purpose."

Through writing, discussion, and experiential exercises, we will each identify a dominant personal narrative and examine whether this narrative truly serves and supports our spiritual and creative life. We will begin to explore how the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves can either hold us back from, or empower us toward, full flourishing and we will begin the process of consciously shaping a more empowered personal mythology.

Charlotte Gullick is a novelist, essayist, editor, educator and Chair of the Creative Writing Department at Austin Community College. She holds a MA in English/Creative Writing from UC Davis and is currently a MFA student in Creative Nonfiction at the Institute of American Indian Arts. Charlotte's first novel, By Way of Water, was chosen by Jayne Anne Phillips as the Grand Prize winner of the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Awards Program. Charlotte’s work often explores the intersection of landscape, legacy, family, and identity, and she believes deeply in the power of story to create healing and coherence.

Melinda Rothouse is a professional writing, creativity, and communications coach, consultant, and educator, as well as a musician, songwriter, and performer. Her own writing and creative practices are informed by a lifelong love of learning, by an emphasis on journey and process, and by her involvement and training in Buddhist meditation practice and the contemplative arts. Melinda holds Master’s degrees in religious studies and performance studies, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in creativity studies.


$50.00 Everyone
$45.00 Seton Employees


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