Whose Story Are You Living?

“So, the real and lasting practice for each of us is to remove what obstructs us so that we can be who we are, holding nothing back. If we can work toward this kind of authenticity, then the living kindness—the water of compassion—will naturally flow. We do not need discipline to be kind, just an open heart.” ~ Mark Nepo
Not for the faint of heart, taking a look at the current “story of our life”—or rather the story we’re telling ourselves—can be a doorway to living the more authentic life we’d like to live, the life we were meant to live.
Jeanne believes the most important story we’ll ever hear is the one we tell ourselves, and brings people together to write, share and reframe those stories. She uses the Re-Story Reflective Writing Process™ to help you explore and become aware of the detrimental stories you are telling yourself and reframe them into ones that serve you.
Never underestimate the importance, the far-reaching impact of self-discovery and attention to “re-storying” our lives. To find our way, we need to explore who we are at our core and get to the heart of the matter.
Jeanne Guy
May 17, 24, 31 (Th)
$125 (Pre-registration required.)

Jeanne Guy, of Jeanne Guy Gatherings, has has been a reflective writing coach, group facilitator and speaker for over 20 years. A popular presenter, she is best known for her dry wit and engaging facilitation style. She is coauthor of Seeing Me: A Guide to Reframing the Way You See Yourself Through Reflective Writing. Jeanne offers self-awareness writing workshops and periodic retreats, writes a blog, and recently finished her manuscript, You’ll Never Find Us, the story of how her children were stolen from her and how she stole them back. Visit her on Facebook and her website www.jeanneguy.com.


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