Mystic Heart Wisdom School

Spiritual formation for modern mystics

We don’t need to enter monasteries to become mystics or to cultivate our spirituality:
We are all mystics! The mystic heart is the deepest part of who or what we are.
We need only to realize and activate that essential part of our being.
– Wayne Teasdale

Mystic Heart Wisdom School looks at what the mystics of the world’s wisdom traditions all have in common. We are living in a time of change and upheaval in our religious institutions. In the midst of this religious sea change our Wisdom School focuses on what Diana Butler Bass describes as a “critical stage in a completely new spiritual awakening, a vast inter-religious progression toward individual and cultural transformation.” Join us as we seek to discover our role in this religious transformation. This is done through education, dialogue and spiritual practice. Forge new connections while deepening your relationship with the Great Mystery of the Divine.

Study the Perennial Tradition and the mystical Jewish movement of Hasidism with Rabbi Rami Shapiro. Hasidism teaches love, joy and humility, both in our service of God and in our treatment of fellow human beings. Rabbi Rami has authored numerous volumes including his latest work, Hasidic Tales.

Study the interface between Christianity and Buddhism and practices of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Gordon Peerman, author of Blessed Relief: What Christians Can Learn from Buddhists about Suffering and teacher of Buddhist/Christian dialogue.

Study Celtic spirituality with its emphasis on right relationship with nature in all its forms and its practices for truly beholding and honoring the creation as divine habitat, and the wisdom of the Desert Mothers with the Reverend Mary Earle, author of Celtic Christian Spirituality; The Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from the Women of the Wilderness; and Praying with the Celtic Saints.

Study the mystical Wisdom of the Trinity, the Journey to True Self and the coming Interspiritual Age

Study the Enneagram through experiential practice with Daniel Hope, MA, Ascension Mission Formation Manager, Seton Cove Educator, certified Enneagram Spectrum® and Integrative Enneagram, and Commissioned Centering Method Instructor.

NOW OFFERING: Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate!

The curriculum will include book studies, the Enneagram, contemplative practice, body prayer/qi gong, mindfulness, and individual and group discernment processes. Learn more about our program facilitators by clicking here.

Program Information

All in-person events are temporarily postponed

Who Should Attend

Graduates of the Leadership Pilgrimage and all those who wish to cultivate contemplative practices with which to deepen their relationship with the Great Mystery of the Divine and skillfully carry the work of love out into the world.

Upcoming Information Sessions

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